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New wedding and event venue in Seminole County, Florida. Just east of Orlando, near the University of Central Florida.

Unveiling Ballroom on the Lake in Geneva: Where Dreams Meet Elegance

Welcome to Ballroom on the Lake in Geneva, a brand-new wedding and event venue, nestled in the serene beauty of Seminole County. It boasts stunning views, elegant decor, and two passionate owners, Phyllis and Rick. This venue is a perfect choice for weddings and events in the Orlando area and Seminole County. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Phyllis and Rick at Ballroom on the Lake and I uncovered their charming story for opening an event space in Geneva. If you have never heard of Geneva, it is a beautiful little town just outside the city of Oviedo, Florida. Never heard of Oviedo??? Well, Oviedo is just past the border of the University of Central Florida (Go KNIGHTS!) in Orlando.

The Venue’s Story and Vision:

Step into the world of Ballroom on the Lake, where a dream took root during weekend strolls through wooded bliss. Phyllis and Rick transformed eight acres into a haven of elegance and convenience, blending nature’s charm with impeccable design. Every weekend Phyllis and Rick would walk through the woods to look at the water. One day Phyllis said “This is nuts! Let’s just take down a tree every weekend.” Rick was not convinced, so he did some research to find out how much it would cost to clear the land. Let’s just say it was a pretty penny and they both decided to clear the land themselves.

Phyllis and Rick rented a tractor and met Ron Hawk, who owned a skid steer, and the three of them cleared the entire area over three years! After the area was cleared, Phyllis and Rick noticed the hill on the property. Instead of building a house on the water where it would block the view, they decided to build on the hill so everyone could enjoy the beautiful lake scenery. Being ballroom dancers, they thought “We could put a house on the bottom and put a space on top and we can rent it as a venue and make some money in our retirement.” And the Ballroom on the Lake was born!

Unique Features and Services:

This beautiful wedding and event venue has a beautiful, peaceful charm. The wide-open spaces, state-of-the-art amenities, and inclusive packages make it a great choice for your next event. Everything is elegant and gorgeous, a perfect backdrop for a wedding, private party or corporate event. You can choose from the beautiful ballroom, the large porch, and plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces.

The ballroom space is completely open, so no polls in the middle of the room. It also contains a DJ area and two 100-inch TVs that can display your slide show or business presentation. The sound system is absolutely amazing! I had the pleasure of singing in the ballroom twice and the sound system is phenomenal. Another unique feature that I loved was the video/Photography loft. On the second floor, there is a loft where your photographer or videographer can set up to capture your guests as they enter. Or you can capture a beautiful overhead view of the entire ballroom, it really is magical.

Special Feature: Kitchen

Just off the ballroom is a gorgeous kitchen. The caterers can access the kitchen, but you can also host a wonderful breakfast or brunch as well. There is plenty of space and the table can also serve as a server table. The elegant design and layout of the kitchen will be a perfect place for the family to gather before the big event or for your host team to meet and get ready for the festivities.

Community Engagement and Future Vision:

Phyllis and Rick have been supporting the local community since the opening of Ballroom on the Lake. Local churches and schools have used the venue for church events, dances, and awards ceremonies. They were also gracious hosts for the Wedding Venue Map’s networking event last fall. Wedding Venue Map is a local Central Florida wedding vendor organization that vets wedding and event vendors for couples.

The Ballroom is also open to anyone who would love to ballroom dance. Their partnership with Nanette’s Ballroom offers open ballroom dances on the first Sunday of each month. Whether you have experience or you would like to learn, you can join them each month for a fun dance experience.

How to Connect:

If you are interested in booking this beautiful venue, Phyllis and Rick have partnered with Traditions Event Services. You can find out more information on their website HERE. You can also contact Phyllis and Rick directly at BallroomOnTheLake@gmail.com or call (407) 720-6189

At Ballroom on the Lake, dreams come to life against a backdrop of natural splendor and thoughtful design. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a cherished celebration, this hidden treasure promises an experience that’s as enchanting as the surrounding landscape. Give Phyllis and Rick a call to schedule your tour!



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